Eastpak Transfer Tranverz S (TSA Lock)

Eastpak Transfer Tranverz S (TSA Lock)

Product no.: EK61L88R-1 (Colour: Brize Bare (TSA Lock))

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Double deck storage, Front zippered pocket, Wheeling system witteh new telescopic handle witteh stop button, Side compression straps, Lock loop to secure your bag, Bottom grip handle (only for Transfer L).

Height: 12.4 in Width: 19.3 in Depth: 9.1 in

Volume: 42 litres Weight: 2400g

Warranty: 30 years

Features: Men, Women, large, airline carry-on size,multi compartment,wheels,compression strap 

Material: Polyester

Additional product information

Colour Brize Bare (TSA Lock)

Product variations
Andy Warhol Tomato
Colour: Andy Warhol Tomato
£59.95 *
Wood Brown
Colour: Wood Brown
£59.95 *
Chatty Lines
Colour: Chatty Lines
£59.95 *
Reflective Black
Colour: Reflective Black
£59.95 *
Quiet Grey
Colour: Quiet Grey
£59.95 *
Marshmellow Mau
Colour: Marshmellow Mau
£59.95 *
Flower Lilac
Colour: Flower Lilac
£69.95 *
Colour: Chroblue
£69.95 *
Brize Bare (TSA Lock)
Colour: Brize Bare (TSA Lock)
£69.95 *
Andy Warhol Photobooth
Colour: Andy Warhol Photobooth
£64.99 *
Andy Warhol Screens
Colour: Andy Warhol Screens
£79.95 *
Blakout Stop
Colour: Blakout Stop
£69.95 *
Whimsy Green
Colour: Whimsy Green
£79.95 *
Camo (new)
Colour: Camo (new)
£69.95 *
Andy Warhol Floral
Colour: Andy Warhol Floral
£89.95 *
Andy Warhol Banana
Colour: Andy Warhol Banana
£99.95 *
Colour: Fragile
£79.95 *
Colour: Airmail
£79.95 *
Stop Red
Colour: Stop Red
£69.95 *
Whimsy Navy
Colour: Whimsy Navy
£69.00 *
Brize Dark
Colour: Brize Dark
£69.95 *
Blakout Urban
Colour: Blakout Urban
£69.00 *
Beat Black
Colour: Beat Black
£69.00 *
Brize Mel Pink
Colour: Brize Mel Pink
£110.00 *
Crafty Jeans
Colour: Crafty Jeans
£89.95 *
Romantic Dark
Colour: Romantic Dark
£69.95 *
Scribble Black
Colour: Scribble Black
£69.00 *
Teasing Red
Colour: Teasing Red
£69.00 *
River Blue
Colour: River Blue
£79.95 *

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