Eastpak Transfer Tranverz S | Small Luggage

Product no.: EK61L77Z (Colour: Gulf Blue)

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Perfect for work.
from on 10/01/2021
Had bought it for travel, not going anywhere for a while, using it for work now.
Perfect for travel!
from on 07/01/2021
Fast delivery and prompt communication
from on 01/12/2020
appreciated the delivery without any plastic wrapping, just plain bag and tags in a sealed cardboard box.
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Product variations
Andy Warhol Tomato
Colour: Andy Warhol Tomato
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Colour: Fragile
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Colour: Airmail
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Andy Warhol Screens
Colour: Andy Warhol Screens
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Andy Warhol Photobooth
Colour: Andy Warhol Photobooth
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Sunday Grey (TSA Lock)
Colour: Sunday Grey (TSA Lock)
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Crafty Jeans
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Black Denim
Colour: Black Denim
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Black TSA Lock
Colour: Black TSA Lock
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Mediterranean B
Colour: Mediterranean B
£59.95 *
Gulf Blue
Colour: Gulf Blue
£59.95 *
Whale Grey
Colour: Whale Grey
£59.95 *
Cloud Navy
Colour: Cloud Navy
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Triple Denim
Colour: Triple Denim
£69.95 *
Charming Black
Colour: Charming Black
£59.95 *
Charming Pink
Colour: Charming Pink
£59.95 *
Pix Color
Colour: Pix Color
£49.95 *
Seaside Stars
Colour: Seaside Stars
£64.95 *
Amethyst Purple
Colour: Amethyst Purple
£59.95 *
Kontrast Escape
Colour: Kontrast Escape
£69.95 *
Brize Forest
Colour: Brize Forest
£74.95 *
Colour: Peanuts
£135.00 *
Herbs Navy
Colour: Herbs Navy
£110.00 *

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